Wilson TDY

Youth Shoulder Pads

The Wilson TDY Youth Football Shoulder Pads protects where all other pads fall short.  With its lightweight Carbon Flex Plating and increased smart protection, multi-layered padding system, the TDY extends to protect the stinger areas in the neck and sternum, guarding you where you need it most.  50% more impact absorbing than almost any other shoulder pad out there, the TDY fits close to the body and protects without inhibiting range of motion, so you stay mobile and agile on the gridiron.

Xenith X2

Youth Helmet

They may be the next generation of all-stars and all-pros but they don't have to wait to use the same helmet technology as the pros rely on.  The X2 Youth Helmet offers the same patented Adaptive Head Protection system as the X2 Varsity in an impact-modified ABS shell.

Xenith's Fit Seeker and Shock Bonnet systems make the fitting process easy for coaches, players, and parents with no pumps needed giving you the piece of mind knowing your player has the best helmet fit, comfort, and protection available when they hit the field.